In Loving Memory of Lutha Mae Jones

September, 2021 | Categories: Remembrance

No matter what your trials are, or how big your mountain seems;

The Lord is there to see you through; He’ll go to all extremes.

So if your cross seems hard to bear, and you know not what to do;

The One who loves you most of all will be there to see you through.

We, the board members of The MARCH Foundation, want the family to know that our hearts are with you as we gather to bid a Christian good-bye to a great woman, Lutha M. Jones, mother of Marva Diane, Beverly, Sharon, Keith, Rochelle, and Miguel, and loved by a host of other family members and friends.

WHEREA, Lutha M. Jones, a women of God who professed her love of Christ and diligently lived total reliance in Christ Jesus and was the mother of our board member Keith Jones;

WHEREAS, Lutha M. Jones, a great woman of compassion who loved the Lord, loved her family and loved her community;

WHEREAS, not only is this a loss of a loving mother and compassionate family member, but also a confident counselor and closest of friends and a person who was always available to share an encouraging word and demonstrate her strong faith and support;

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