Over the past 26 years, the MARCH Foundation has distributed around $2 million in grants and scholarships, positively impacting more than 2,000 students. Below are a few of the students who have benefited from the MARCH Foundation.

Dorian Sweeper

"I would like to thank the MARCH Foundation for providing me this scholarship. This scholarship definitely removed some of the stress of going into college, and helped me move into my dorm and focus on my [aviation] studies. I hope that you can give the same to some other students as well."

Ashton Jackson

"I really appreciate being acknowledged. I’ve been working since I was in kindergarten trying to strive to be the best I could. [It] just feels really good to have an organization to recognize those things and honor you for it."

Sky Posey

"The continuous support and encouragement from your organization have motivated me to strive for excellence … I am grateful for the sense of community and the safe space MARCH fosters. Knowing that I have a supportive network behind me has been invaluable during challenging times."

Manyi Egu

"Although I am currently studying abroad in South Korea and living away from my community, I constantly remind myself of The MARCH Foundation. While living away from home can be lonely, I reflect on the amazing board members who have made my dream a reality. Moreover, I remember that none of my goals are out of reach. In that, I am immensely grateful for what the MARCH Foundation has done for me and for future recipients."

Abigale Morris

"In the future I plan to create my own business where I conduct photography, videography, and social media marketing for non-profits, small businesses … and hopefully the golf industry! This scholarship helps me with my future goals because it allows me financially to continue to go to school, finish my degree and network toward starting a successful business!"

Some of the other students who have benefited from the MARCH Foundation include:

Scholarship recipient Harlem Morton shares the impact of receiving an award to attend Hampton University.

Scholarship recipient Landyn Smith, shares the impact of receiving an award through sponsoring organization, The Piney Woods School.

Scholarship recipient Ceasar Stuart shares the impact of receiving an award through sponsoring organization, The Piney Woods School.

Scholarship recipient Ja’Davia McCallum, shares the impact of receiving an award through sponsoring organization, the Bill Dickey Scholarship Association.

…I am currently maintaining a 3.6 GPA, on the Dean’s List each semester, and a member of the Alpha Lambda Theta Honor Society. In those aspects, I am pleased because I know that it all could have been a dream for me.

I am glad that it is not just a dream, it is reality and I know that it was made true by God and by your funding. Everything that I am granted with, I do appreciate with open arms and heart. I am happy to be a student and a hard worker. There are so many of my family members who were not and are not given the chance to reach their full potential or see another side of life, but through blessings I have.

I want you to know that what you are doing is changing lives and opening doors for people who really want it. I appreciate that you all are going to continue funding for me through school, I am so thankful.

Jerrell Martin
Tennessee Tech University

Good Morning All,

I just wanted to personally thank you all for coming and speaking with UPS last week. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the opportunity to get everyone’s business card, but I hope each of your board members know I greatly appreciate them as well. It is exceedingly rare that you get to meet highly successful people within the African American community, especially males. Growing up, my father was in and out of prison, so the only real role model I had was my mother. She is the most amazing woman on the planet, but I have always felt I needed balance in terms of male and female role models. I can say without a doubt that you all have given me new role models and mentors to look up to, and I hope you know I am grateful for each and every one of you. The advice you all have provided me with will surely be components I will follow down my path to success. I know you are busy quite often, but whenever you have the chance I would love to go to lunch and learn more from you all. At this age, I know I am motivated to become a lawyer, but words of wisdom never hurt in the journey to success. Thank you so much again and please do keep in contact!

Warm Regards,

Tracey-Marie Broadnax
Summer Associate
UPS Corporate Legal Department

Good afternoon Mr. Wilson,

I hope this finds you well!

I wanted to take a moment to personally thank you for your time yesterday. As a loyal and proud UPSer, I am fascinated with our history and culture, so having the opportunity to meet people like you, Mr. Parks and Mr. Trotter, who were so instrumental in paving the way for this generation of UPSers, is a privilege. You are the true rock stars in my world!

It was truly an honor to serve as your hostess yesterday. We appreciate the words of wisdom and your willingness to share that with the few of us who were fortunate enough to attend. Again, our deepest apologies for the low numbers, but I think it provided a more enriching experience for those who were present and I hope that was your experience as well.

Thank you for all you have done for UPS and for paving the way for us today! I look forward to our paths crossing again in the future and would be honored if you would allow me to stay in touch with you. I was not as diligent with getting Mr. Parks contact information as with you and Mr. Trotter, so please pass along my gratitude to him as well.

Respectfully and humbly,

L. Alison Keels
Succession Management Supervisor
UPS Corporate HR

The MARCH Foundation board members brought a new perspective to AABRG members on how we should work as a team and what things we need to focus on to have successful careers.

Bobby Clayton
Business Development Director
UPS Corporate

“I am in my third year of undergraduate school at Lincoln University in Jefferson City, MO. I completed my sophomore year with a 3.2 GPA while playing and traveling extensively on the golf team.

Next summer, I plan to take the LSAT in preparation for Law School the following year. With the support of my parents and the MARCH Foundation, I am able to stay on my academic course in life.”

Keith Ware
Lincoln University

The National Minority Junior Golf Scholarship Association would like to thank the MARCH Foundation for its annual financial scholarship contribution. We were able to provide more than $200,000 in college scholarships to deserving minority junior golfers. This could not have been possible without your support.

Bill Dickey
President Emeritus
National Minority Junior
Golf Scholarship Association

Mr. Kenneth Jarvis:

Just a short note to say thank you to the March Foundation for the scholarship funds through the Bill Dickey Golf Association. I graduated from Hampton University on May 11, with a BA degree in graphic design. Without your support, I would not have been able to attend Hampton University, play on the golf team for four years, and earn my degree.

Thank you once again for helping to make this possible. May God continue to bless you in your endeavors of helping young people to reach their goals.


Mr. Dominic Dinkins
Hampton University

We support the education of African American youth.