Board Member

Jim Winestock

Board Member

UPS title: Senior VP of US Operations and Global Security (ELT Member)

Location hired: 1969, Jacksonville

First position: Part time Unloader

How he got his job at UPS?
He showed up at UPS every day until he was hired.

What was your first impression of UPS?
Felt it was like a family. Grew to be a man at UPS. His family dropped him off in Jacksonville and he had no immediate family in the area; UPS became his family.
Impressed that 2 of the 10-part time supervisors were black (1969).

Career philosophy:
“If you show up and work hard, you’ll succeed, and I knew no one would outwork me.”

Proud Personal Achievement: Never missed a day of work in 40 years.

We support the education of African-American youth.