Sky is the limit for HU MARCH Scholarship Recipient

October, 2023 | Categories: Scholarships

Sky Posey has a clear vision for her future.

This Howard University junior aims to open her own physical therapy practice specializing in geriatrics. A recent scholarship from the MARCH Foundation boosted her confidence and dreams.

“Thank you for believing in me,” Posey said. “Thank you for believing in the individual that I can become. This has meant everything to me, and it will continue to mean everything to me.”

Posey of Las Vegas, NV added, “I will be able to focus more on my studies and not so much on the financial aspects of things. The scholarship allowed me to be super involved on campus with different organizations and volunteer initiatives that have allowed me to be more connected with the DC community.”

Posey excels academically and beyond. At Howard, she is majoring in human performance, health human, and leisure studies with a concentration in sports medicine. With Posey’s minor in chemistry, she is a rising star.

“Giving back matters to us,” said MARCH Board Member Eric Leufroy of Las Vegas. “Sky is a stellar example of the excellence we support in our MARCH scholarship recipients.”

Since 1997, the MARCH Foundation distributed more than $2 million in grants and scholarships, positively impacting more than 2,000 students. Many are students at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) like Posey gaining experience on and off campus.

The foundation was created by longtime Plano, TX community business and civic leader Kenneth Jarvis. It was initially funded by the personal funds of its board members – black male executives who retired from successful careers with United Parcel Service (UPS).

Over the summer, Posey interned with Toucan Aboard in Cartagena, Costa Rica. She shadowed physical therapists across various specialties, accumulating hours of clinical observation. Posey gained real practice alongside other undergraduates and licensed therapists.

“The lessons I learned, both inside and outside the clinics, shaped me into a more knowledgeable and well-rounded individual, ready to take on the challenges and rewards of a career in physical therapy”

Posey made the College of Arts and Sciences Dean’s List and won the Jumpstart Outstanding Leadership Award. Additionally, she is a Lucy E. Moten Study Abroad Fellowship Scholar and a Howard University Alain Locke Scholar.

The rising college debt crisis heightens the need for organizations, such as the MARCH Foundation, to mitigate financial obstacles for students, Leufroy said.

A recent McKinsey & Company article points out that that students HBCUs tend to have a higher rate of debt compared to other college. At the time same, McKinsey says, “HBCUs have graduated 40 percent of all Black engineers; 40 percent of all Black US Congress members; 50 percent of all Black lawyers; and 80 percent of all Black judges.”

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