MARCH Foundation STEM Initiative

February, 2020 | Categories: Grant, Recipient

Project Origin

Objective to expose our source students to STEM training that would normally not have that opportunity

Project Coordinators:

Ken Jarvis

Medford Turrentine

Student Source(s):

Doctor Harry Robinson
African American Museum

Principal Alpher Garrett-Jones
Paul Dunbar Learning Center

Principal Jennifer Atkins
Charles Rice Learning Center

Katie Gagne
Learning And Training Facility

Our Results

During the first year 2018, 12 students attended a week long summer camp at the Perot Museum obtaining STEM training and exposure. Our second year 2019, the MARCH Foundation sponsored and were able to send 25 students through the STEM training at the Perot Museum.

Each Student (MARCH Scholar) reported back that they learned while having fun.

As a Foundation we feel we have invested wisely in our children’s future and planted a seed that will reap benefits.

We support the education of African American youth.