Eric H. Holder, Jr. Fellowship Established with LDF

August, 2015 | Categories: Grant

MARCH Foundation makes challenge grant

The NAACP Legal Defense Fund, Inc. is proud to officially establish The Eric H. Holder, Jr. Fellowship. This prestigious Fellowship is a lasting tribute to the extraordinary contributions Mr. Holder made to equal justice during his tenure as the 82nd Attorney General of the United States – and first African American to hold this title.

Mr. Holder clerked at LDF while attending Columbia Law School. The establishment of The Eric H. Holder Jr. Fellowship will enable LDF to attract promising diverse law students who will honor Mr. Holder’s legacy and help LDF confront today’s civil rights challenges.

The Eric H. Holder, Jr. Fellowship is made possible by a very generous challenge grant of $100,000 from the MARCH Foundation. LDF is extremely grateful to the MARCH Foundation and especially its board member James Castillo, for spearheading this effort to commit resources to supporting a new generation of civil rights attorneys at LDF.

“The March Foundation considers the professionalism, tenacity, and courage of Attorney General Holder to be representative of global leadership, and deserving of historial etching. We only hope that our contribution generates an avalanche of contributions to LDF, where his monumental journey began.”
– Kenneth D. Parks, Chairman, The MARCH Foundation.

LDF invites you to join us in meeting this challenge set forth by the MARCH Foundation by making a tax-deductible donation to LDF’s Eric H. Holder, Jr. Fellowship.

We support the education of African American youth.