Board Member

William ‘Bill’ Lewis

Board Member

UPS title: Region HR Manager

Location hired: 1961, Manhattan, 1st & 38th

First position: Loader/Unloader

How did you get your job at UPS: Left North Carolina to go to night school in NYC and worked construction, driving a dump truck. Ran into a UPS delivery driver who suggested UPS. His boss didn’t like that he brought his books to work, and laid him off one morning at 8 a.m. He took the train to UPS and applied for a job at 10:30 a.m. Went back to his home in Queens, was called by UPS and started work that evening!

What was your first impression of UPS?
Darn hard work! And hot. He left UPS for two years in the military, then came back.

Philosophy on giving back: The opportunity for growth. Bill made sure his people got the opportunity to learn and perform. Always looking to give responsibility, and to provide the tools necessary to be successful.

Management style: His team worked for UPS, not Bill Lewis! The name on the pay- check said UPS, not Bill Lewis. Directed everyone to work together to achieve a goal.

Memory: Working in Operations at the time – tractor/trailer – and he liked it. He was asked to work in HR, which he had not considered, but wanted to advance.

Mr. Lewis is a founding member of the MARCH Foundation.

We support the education of African American youth.