Board Member

Lawrence Lewis

Board Member

UPS title: President of HR of US operations

Location when hired: Jackson, MS

First position: Loader and unloader

I was in College at Jackson State University. I went in as a biology major, can you believe that? I was a freshman and it was Walter Payton’s senior year.

What was the greatest gift that UPS gave to you?
Financial Stability for me and my family.

What was the greatest gift that YOU gave to UPS?
42 years of dedicated service. “When you become a UPS er – it is like being in a family – you are dedicated – and they are dedicated to you – you cannot replace that – you did not get your skillset overnight – it meant more and more as time goes on – read your legacy books – one common purpose – still performing – still dedicated – the dedication comes over time”. “It made me a better person – and for the next chapter that they provided for me – I’m a happy camper.”

We support the education of African-American youth.