Board Member

Keith Jones

Board Member

UPS title: VP in Corporate Human Relations Group

Location hired: Oakland, CA in 1976 (retired 2007)

First position: Package Handler

How did you get your job at UPS?
Hired while at Cal State Hayward – word of mouth.

What was your first impression of UPS?
Hard work! But his Dad worked for the USPS, so he knew about hard work.
Overwhelmed by the size, magnitude and intensity – the speed and accuracy of the process.

What was the greatest gift that UPS gave to you?
To finish what you start – a project, a degree, anything. Map out a plan – it works for everything in life.

What was the greatest gift that YOU gave to UPS?
Willingness to DO, not just SAY. Anyone can talk about it, but getting it done is invaluable.

Philosophy on giving back:
It’s UPS DNA; not just African Americans – transcends ethnicity. Reach one to teach one.

Management style: Similar to direct mentor Ken Parks, who was mentored by Ken Jarvis. The chain is strong. Aptitude, Ability, Desire – show that and he’ll leave you alone, stay out of the way. But there must be accountability – don’t let him hear about issues from somewhere or someone else.

Quote: From his father: “Never forget from whence you came.”

We support the education of African-American youth.