Remembering Ken Jarvis

June, 2024 | Categories: Announcement, Board members

It is with immense sadness that we announce the passing of our Founder and Chairman Emeritus, Ken Jarvis.

Ken died on June 3, 2024, peacefully in his Plano, TX home, surrounded by his family.

Anyone who interacted with Ken has a story to tell, a smile or an attention that is memorable.

Ken joined UPS in 1957. Recognized as the company’s first African American package car driver, he rose through the ranks, retiring after 37 years as Vice President of Human Resources.

Ken’s reputation for mentoring is legendary; countless UPSers credit their advancement and ultimate success to his guidance and influence. For nearly four decades he brought value to UPS, yet he still managed to give back to his community.

In 1998, Ken founded the MARCH Foundation – Mutual Alliance Restoring Community Hope – to support the education of African American youth.

Ken was more than just a UPS leader; he was a brother, friend, confidant, and visionary. His legacy and impact on our lives and the communities we serve are immeasurable. Ken was a hero and a gentleman to all of us.

Ken offered this quote to Black Voice from Big Brown: Untold Stories of African Americans at UPS:

“I was promoted into management and had the opportunity to develop managers who looked like me. To me, that was the greatest achievement – that I was able to participate in the total integration of UPS.”

We are honored to have met him and learned from him. He will be greatly missed.

We remain close to the Jarvis family during this time of bereavement.

We support the education of African American youth.