Board Member

Ken Jarvis

Founder & Chairman Emeritus

Ken Jarvis began his career at UPS in 1957 as the first African American package car driver in San Francisco.

He persevered as that lone package car driver and used the opportunity as a stepping stone. By continuing to build and maintain relationships with civic and community organizations, Ken worked to open the doors of UPS to thousands of qualified and diverse applicants throughout his 37-year career. Ken’s promotion to management allowed for the integration and diversification of the North California District. Ken led the way for many bright, talented employees (some are on the panel today) and helped to advance the African American community through the Black Executive Exchange Program (BEEP).

Ken notes: “UPS taught me that through hard work, there was a lot to be achieved. I had a lot of challenges with the first part of my career at UPS – but because of my work ethic – I knew that I had to have a strict dedication to success. Inasmuch as I wasn’t expected to succeed, I overcame by committing myself to being successful. I was given the opportunity to do things that I never expected to do and as a result I was able to start the March Foundation and to set up a family foundation in my community to give back to less fortunate.”

Ken ultimately served as Vice President of UPS Human Resources before retiring in 1994.

We support the education of African American youth.