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Douglas T. Smalls

Board Member

Douglas T. Smalls was born in East Orange, NJ. He worked as a Production Manager for Automatic Mailing Service before joining UPS as a Package Car Driver in Secaucus, NJ, in September 1963. Douglas applied on the advice of his brother who encouraged and told him, “just don’t expect to be a driver” as there were no black drivers back then. Douglas went in for an interview on August 28, 1963 – the day of the March on Washington! His wife, mother and father all went to DC, and he went to UPS and got hired – as a driver!

He went into management in 1964 and for the next 31 years was promoted to various positions including Division Manager, Personnel Manager and District Manager.

In May of 1985, Douglas went on to work in the company’s Public Affairs office in Washington, DC and was promoted to Vice President of Public Affairs, dealing with the Legislative and Executive branches of government in June of 1988.

Douglas has been retired since 1995, resides in Florida with his wife of 61 years and is very active in his church where he serves as a Eucharist Minister. He is also on the Finance council and is a member of the church’s Knights of Columbus.

Douglas serves on the board of several organizations and is a founding member of the MARCH Foundation.

Personal quote: Determined men can do anything

We support the education of African American youth.