A Remembrance of a Great Man with a Giving Heart

August, 2007 | Categories: Board members, Remembrance

James (Jim) Henry Pierce
A Remembrance of a Great Man with a Giving Heart
(January 22, 1942 – August 14, 2007)

Jim Pierce’s life was filled with love for his family and for his fellow man. He performed countless acts of kindness to friends and strangers alike.  never too busy to do a favor for a young person, co-worker or whoever was in need. He never sought public accolades for his many acts of selflessness.

In his own special way, he realized fully that he was part of a long chain of humanity whose purpose in life was to make the world a better place for future generations. This was evident by becoming one of the Founders of The MARCH Foundation. The organization was established is 1998 with the mission of “making the world a better place, by supporting those individuals, programs and organizations that have demonstrated a commitment to improving the lives of those in need.”  He was a valued member of  The Sponsors scholarship committee and affiliated with numerous other community organizations. Jim also was an active member of  The Temple Church in Nashville, Men’s Chorus, a Sponsor and Mentor of Youth About Business and a Board Member of United Way.

Celebrating the blessings of having been a part of his life are his devoted wife, Hazel B. Pierce, and two loving daughters, Monica and LaShawn who live in Brentwood, TN with their families.

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